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Back in the 80’s Sam came screaming into this world with a love for food on the go. Armed with his mom’s rocking hot baloney sandwiches, he mastered the art of the lunch meal swap. Her passion for adding more meat and cheese than other moms would teach him not only school lunch dessert trading economics, but the logic behind putting as much awesome between two slices of bread as humanly possible. A little bit of knowledge that would pay dividends for years to come. 


Raised in East Dallas, Sam had the good fortune to be scooted across the country on a regular basis. Sampling local sandwiches on the west coast in his younger years he learned the value of fresh and light ingredients to keep you moving. His teenage years included New York, Philadelphia, Boston & Baltimore showed him the roots of the American Deli, and the value of a sandwich built to put you down for a nap. And of course living in Texas with Mexican family roots, the addition of unique ingredients with a hint of the spicy side was always close at hand. To top it all off, a brief stint as a foreign exchange student in Italy sealed his fate.  So many variations of the sandwich, and so little time. 



Fort Worth Yummy

Which brings us to today. Residing in North Fort Worth, today Sam has three kids, a marketing background, is constantly on the go. So food as well must be a to-go affair.  After years of watching endless Food Network and being screamed at by Gordon Ramsay via Hells Kitchen, it dawned on him. Why not share the passion that drove him all these years and kept his family begging for more. So here we are. Samwichery was born. 


With a focus on delivering amazing sandwiches with a twist, we’ve been hard at work in the kitchen perfecting the perfect meal. Whether you want an amazing lunch or dinner, just a sandwich, or something sweet - we got you. Welcome to the best sandwich of your life - true magic in your mouth. Welcome to Samwichery 😉 

Meet The Team

Samuel Bohon

Has yet to meet a sandwich or Marvel movie he didn't like. In his free time between three kids and the kitchen can be spotted begging Jen to watch the newest Star Wars whatever. She usually says yes after some negotiation.

Jennifer Wilborn

The original Fort Worth foodie and creator of sandwiches via Subway in the 90's, she inspired Sam to get off the couch and do this thing. So far so good.

The Latest From The Kitchen

We're constantly cooking up new stuff at Samwichery! Here's the latest and greatest from around the interwebs and social bookfaces

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